Two of a kind: Homeland and The Americans


By Thirosha Pillay

If you enjoyed Homeland, then you’ll be glued to the hot new television series The Americans starting on Thursday, 7 February at 21:30 on M-Net.

The Americans is a period drama starring Keri Russell (Felicity) as Elizabeth Jennings and Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters) as Phillip Jennings.

On the surface, Elizabeth and Matthew are a perfect all-American couple. But the reality is that they are expertly-trained Russian spies, intentionally placed in suburban Washington DC to blend into American society. The complexities of their fake relationship extend far beyond the charade; they are constantly challenged by the acceleration of the Cold War and by ties with other covert operatives.

In the premiere episode, we see how Elizabeth and Phillip’s feelings for one another grow deeper with each passing day despite the false pretenses they’re living under. Meanwhile, a new neighbor, who just happens to be an FBI agent, disrupts their “perfect” existence.

This thrilling drama will have you at the edge of your seat.

The Americans has more than a little in common with Homeland:

Blasts from the past
Both Homeland and The Americans star actresses who enjoyed fame as teen drama queens in the 1990s. Keri Russell’s breakout role was as Felicity Porter in the 1998 hit series Felicity.

And Claire Danes’ time to shine in the 90s came with her role as Angela Chase in the teen-drama series My So Called Life. Even though the show was short-lived, it was Danes’ breakout role.

Mixing the personal and the political

Homeland is one of the most gripping television series right now and The Americans will surely not be far behind. If you’re hooked on Homeland then The Americans is right down your alley packed with loads of political drama, conspiracy and suspense.

The key characters in both series are involved on a personal level which sometimes results in clouded judgment and other mishaps, making for dramatic television.

Both shows are exclusive to M-Net and “hot on the heels” of their American broadcasts. You can also catch The Americans On Demand.