Movie Results

05 June Oldboy
20:30 |

For the moment, Sharlto Copley seems to be more popular with Hollywood producers than his Oscar-winning compatriot, drop-dead-gorgeous Charlize Theron. Here he shows off his acting chops as a villain with a serious lack of scruples.

31 May Sabotage
20:00 |

Arnold Schwarzenegger is on screen in a role that appears tailor-made for him: the action is wild, the bad guys seem to rule and a real hero has to step in and take command.

23 May The Expendables 2
20:00 |

Hollywood's biggest, toughest heavyweights reunite for this incredible action outing, with new faces joining their ranks.

11 May Kick-Ass 2
20:00 |

It's not easy being a superhero when you're trying to live a normal teenaged life.

16 May The Other Woman
16:45 |

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Now multiply that by three in this chick-flick comedy about three beautiful women who find out they’ve been tricked by a serial adulterer.

15 May Spider-Man 3
20:00 |

As director Sam Raimi wraps up his Spider-Man trilogy, Peter Parker is doing battle with his own dark self after an extraterrestrial symbiote crashes to Earth and bonds with his personality, creating an evil side to his superhero persona.