The Borgias S2


30 Oct: The Confession

The Pope is increasingly worried about the welfare of his son Juan, who has vanished and orders Cesare to find him.


16 Oct: Truth and Lies

Juan Borgia returns from the siege the Catherina Sforza’s Forli castle with a tale of his bravery and of standing by his men.


9 Oct: The Siege at Forli

Juan returns from Spain with gifts: a panther from the New World for Lucrezia, which promptly bites her and something new for his father, a box of cigars.


2 Oct: Day of Ashes

The Pope has not yet come to terms with the lightning strike and his new-found piety is to some just an act.


25 Sep: The Choice

With the French armies defeated and returning to France, the Pope sends Cesare to Forli Palace to deal with Catherina Sforza and Lucrezia’s husband Giovanni Sforza, who sided with the French.


18 Sep: Stray Dogs

With the help of Micheletto, Cesare recruits a band of mercenaries to seek revenge


11 Sep: The Beautiful Deception

Lucrezia’s father tells her that because Paolo committed suicide, he cannot be given a Christian funeral and will go to Hell.


4 Sep: Paolo

The Pope decides to go out on the streets of Rome to see what he can learn about the people.